Now that the builders have been into the Medway block and redone the ceiling and doors, we have a lot of stuff to get rid of,including all of the classroom stuff that just got left in there and we’ve hired a skip so we’d love it if we could get some help to shift all of the rubbish.

I know what you’re thinking “why would I want to spend my Saturday doing that?” Well there are the dreamy egg mayonnaise sandwiches that Sam will make for your lunch, some pretty good crack, the satisfaction of knowing you’ve been an all-round amazing person and all kinds of gems of middle school french teaching paraphernalia to rifle through and maybe take home a copy of ‘Le tricolore’.

If you are free and would be able to offer us even an hour of your time to help we would REALLY appreciate it. There’s a lot to shift. Please contact us to let us know so that we can get an idea of who (if any) can come. Thank you!

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