Have you wondered about how welcoming wildlife can be good for us? 

Come to our Gardening for Wildlife and Wellbeing workshop on 28th October from 1:30pm -4:30pm.
Ginny will be hosting this relaxed format afternoon, with a mix of presentation, discussion and practical work and lots of opportunity to share experiences and knowledge with each other.
· learn about the state of nature, the health of people and ways to solve both issues together.
· explore ways we can use native plants such as trees and wildflowers to enhance gardens, yards and planters with no space too big or small to use.
· discuss the options for adding native perennials to borders, creating and maintaining small meadow areas, wildlife habitat and corridors for pollinators, all within a formal garden that you can enjoy.
During the session we will sow wildflower seeds collected locally and divide some plants in the nursery. At the end, you can take home some of the seeds/sown trays to grow on, or some potted plants to put straight into your garden to start flowering next summer.
This workshop is £10 per person and includes light refreshments and an opportunity to take away a tray of sown seeds and a box of wildflowers and a tree!
Send us a message or an email to jane@higher-ground.org.uk to book

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