Before  Christmas a few of us had a chat in the pub about getting together to try and mend local household goods to try and reduce waste. Since then we have managed to get a lovely team of skilled repairers together who are willing to have a go at fixing whatever people bring along. We won’t be able to fix large machinery,  but there will be a seamstress, a jewellery repairer, two woodworkers, two general menders, two bike maintenance people and an electronic engineer. Sam will be there to sharpen things like secateurs and there will be a few people serving tea and cake.
The repair day will be on Saturday 29th February from 10am to 3pm in the Medway building.  It is a free service and the volunteers will try their very best to fix what they can, and any donations would be most welcome towards our consumables. If you have skills you think you can share please contact . If you have nothing to fix, come along for coffee and the crack, you might even pick up a tip or two.
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