We are so pleased to have our volunteers back!

It’s been really difficult just the two of us keeping on top of everything since the beginning of lock-down. In between home schooling, day jobs and the weather, we have just done what we can to keep it going so we are a bit behind. It has sometimes seemed like an impossible task and a bit overwhelming. HOWEVER we have now re-opened on Fridays and Saturdays to three volunteers at a time and the difference is amazing.

Here are a few helping hands trying to get on top of the weeds – it was a little like day of the triffids to start with but now it’s just smart as a dart and it’s really nice to be able to share it with people again.

We have most of our crops in and are now harvesting produce to sell at the weekends finally,  along with a whole load of lovely plants. Come along and see what we have on Saturday mornings!

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