What strange times we are now living in.

Since the lock down restrictions were announced three weeks ago we have been living in a peculiar, strained state of limbo. Like so many others we have been grappling with the concept of home schooling while trying to maintain some sort or normality, exercising within the rules and washing, forever washing those hands.

We took the decision to stop allowing volunteers onto the working site while keeping the public footpath open to walk through, however we are still along there a few days a week sowing seeds to try and ensure there are veg supplies for the community this season. It is very eerie walking through the empty village to get there and maybe only seeing one or two people pass by through the course of the day.  As we are next door to the school, there was still the cheerful sound of key workers’ kids laughing away and playing nearby before the Easter Holidays. A sobering reminder of members of our community working hard on the front line.

So what’s have we been doing?  Well, now is the time to be planting lots and lots of seeds. We have planted tomatoes with the help of the kids, cucumber, celeriac, cabbage and sweetcorn and many others. I’m having a crack at chillis again, and potatoes are going in this week, a little late. We have split and potted up many many pots of herbs and maybe a bit frivolously we tarted up the pond for the ducks with a wee home-made water feature which sounds delightful.

Most excitingly, we couldn’t find Hillary one day and discovered that she is sitting on a nest of 8 eggs! We have decided to let nature take it’s course – watch this space!

That’s about it for now. Stay safe and look forward to when this is all over. We will update you with any changes and look forward to working with all our volunteers again.

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