Ugh we’re totally sick of this wind.

With a blustery preamble and then two days of rage, Storm Ciara thankfully left the poly-tunnels in one piece but continues to chuck slushy snow at us so the site is a boggy mess. Thankfully Sam has gone and got all manly and decided to use his time laying slabs in front of the shed. He’s done a lovely job of it and as we were two slabs short, he used some creative licence to make it a bit randomly patchwork. I think it looks cool.

Work then stopped because of this:

As pretty as it is, there’s not much we can do on the ground except a bit of unenthusiastic tidying and grumbling about it all.

However,  we are feeling a bit warm and fuzzy because today is Valentines day, so here is a lovely photo of our little ducks who are always by each other’s side and clearly in love. If they could talk, Fletch would say ‘Here sweetheart, you have the biggest slug” and Hillary would say “Aww, I love you and your green face.”

Stay warm and be kind <3

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