…..or four if you count the one through the first school yard, is what we’ve worked on this last few weeks. There’s a little known path with steps to the street behind our building which has been closed off and overgrown for years and years. So with the help of my Dad and our volunteers, the undergrowth, brambles and trees have been cleared so that we can get access to the street. It looks brutal but it was just wild behind there!  Sam will plant it up again with lovely new and slightly more manageable plants I am sure.

Other than that we have been weeding and fundraising and weeding a bit more, getting ready for planting more stuff.  Here I am, overcome with weeding joy.

So although it is all looking rather bleak and brown at the moment, we’re regrouping, taking stock, preparing and looking forward to the spring. We are always looking for new volunteers so please contact us if you would like to help.



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