What a fantastic couple of days we’ve had painting the Medway building this weekend. Over Saturday and Sunday our team of ten brilliant volunteers have worked their socks off and started transforming the raggedy old building so it now looks smart as a carrot and a lot more loved. So it now looks less like this…


And more like this!

We also started working on the inside taking out about 130,347 staples from the walls and adding a lick of paint to the classrooms which are going to be our common room, office and workshop space eventually.

We’re really grateful for everyone’s help and look forward to adding the finishing touches to the inside soon. Then we can finally move in all of the furniture we’ve been storing in our little house and have some space to move again! That’ why I’m looking so happy in this photo 😉 We will be having another painting day soon so keep a look out for dates. Thanks again, the Higher Ground Team

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