What a beautiful hot sunny summer we’ve had! Things just took off in the garden when the rain finally came – including the weeds and massive docks like triffids keeping Sam busy- but the garden has been looking lovely and full of insect life.

Now that the schools are back and there are plums and apples falling off the trees in our drive, and I’m sitting here with my hoodie hood up and a hot cuppa it really feels like Autumn isn’t far away. The growth is slowing down and we’re preparing the plots to grow in in spring.

Few bits of news, the results of the sunflower competition are in and we have some huge winners! In third place a 164cm sunflower, well done Roly  in Second place against all odds is a flower from the wilds of Nenthead Ian Taylor-Lynch with 167cm and a rather fantastic triple headed flower. And in first place is a whopping 250cm flower grown by Jenny Hammond. Thank you to everyone who entered the competition and well done to the winners. it’s been really good fun and we hope to run it again next year.

We plan to run another volunteer day to finish the decorating of the Medway in October. Dates will be finalised in the next few days, please keep an eye out on the events. We are now on site every Friday and most Saturdays if you would like to come along, say hi and have a look at the garden, hope to see you along there soon.

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