You do not need to have a diagnosis or be ‘suffering’ in any way to get involved with Higher Ground Allendale. Gardening and outdoor activity has a whole range of benefits…


Wellbeing means different things to different people. For some it’s mood related; for others it’s physical. The Oxford English Dictionary defines wellbeing as “the state of being comfortable, healthy or happy”. Cultivating the land, learning new skills and spending time with like-minded people can massively increase wellbeing.

Mental Health

For centuries, humans have used activity as a tool to improve mental health. Gardening is widely recognised within a mass of clinical evidence as being extremely beneficial for issues such as anxiety and depression, and for more complex conditions. We provide a supportive, encouraging space for people to positively influence their own mental health.

Social Inclusion

While solo gardening can be nice, many people benefit immensely from the feeling of connection, belonging, team-working and camaraderie that our sessions offer. Our crew of supportive and helpful staff will enable you to safely gain a positive social experience. Isolation can be a particular issue in rural areas. We aim to challenge this.


Through gardening activities, a positive social environment and skills-based workshops, we aim to help develop the resilience and inner resources of individuals to enable them to effectively deal with the difficulties that life sometimes presents. Higher Ground Allendale supports people to make positive changes in an organic, person-centred way.