St Oswald’s Way

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Next week, me and my kids who are 7 and 9 and my friends and their kids who are also 7 and 9, are walking and camping 97 miles along st Oswald way to raise funds for Higher Ground. I’m not expecting my 7 year old to complete it all but the 9 year old is determined to and I think she quite possibly will, she has been doing a lot of training and has shown some grit!

We have been working really hard to develop this garden so that people can come and enjoy/ work in to improve their mental health, and are currently doing this voluntarily so we are trying hard to raise the funds to really launch it. Please sponsor us a couple if quid if you can 🙂 here’s the link:


Thank you in advance xx

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* * * Covid-19 UPDATE * * *

From June 12th, Higher Ground Allendale will begin to permit volunteers back on site. We will be strictly limiting the numbers of volunteers at any given time.

More information is available in the top menu on the website.

The public footpath from Shilburn Road to the exits at the bottom remains open. Thank you to everyone for observing these restrictions during this difficult time. We'll be up and running soon but for now, let's stay sensible.
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