Pond and Pic-nic area makeover

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I have just realised I haven’t written an update about the public pond area, it seems like ages ago now but our pond volunteer day back on the 11th May was a massive success.

Our team of 10 volunteers painted the shed, dug around and cleared under the picnic benches putting weed webbing, a wooden surround and gravel under each one. The pond viewing deck was repaired and painted and a fence was put up for safety around the pond itself so that small people don’t run or ride their bikes into it.

And now it looks lovely! We have been told that the local preschool is now using it regularly when the sun shines for their lunch or morning snack, this makes us very happy indeed.

This is what it looks like now 🙂

Smart as a carrot 😉

Remember folks this area is open to the public to enjoy but we still are maintaining it on a voluntary basis. We have just applied for a grant for a heavy duty bin to go there so until then please have respect for the space and leave it as you find it.

Enjoy 🙂






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* * * Covid-19 UPDATE * * *

From June 12th, Higher Ground Allendale will begin to permit volunteers back on site. We will be strictly limiting the numbers of volunteers at any given time.

More information is available in the top menu on the website.

The public footpath from Shilburn Road to the exits at the bottom remains open. Thank you to everyone for observing these restrictions during this difficult time. We'll be up and running soon but for now, let's stay sensible.
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